1 x 500W RMS 1,5-4 Ohmy, class D, 5-500 Hz, LP 40-200Hz, Bass EQ 0-15 dB, Infrasonic filter 24dB/15-60 Hz, D.O., 340 x 235 x 60 mm
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Rated Power:
500 W RMS @ 1.5 ohm-4 ohm
THD at Rated Power:
<0.05% @ 4 ohm
S/N Ratio*:
>95dB below rated power
Frequency Response:
5 Hz-500 Hz (+0, -1dB)
Damping Factor:
>500 @ 4 ohm/50 Hz
Input Range:
switchable from 200mV-2V RMS
to 800mV-8V RMS
13.4"L x 9.25"W x 2.36"H

Differential-Balanced Input Topology:
(1 pair of inputs)
On-board Crossover:
fully-variable (40-200 Hz),
selectable-slope LP (12 or 24 dB per octave)

Preamp Output:
2-channel (independent active filter, parallel with amp filter or full-range)
Bass EQ:
parametric with variable boost up to 15dB and Remote Bass Control (optional)
Infrasonic Filter:
fully-variable 24dB/octave from 15-60 Hz
Signal-Sensing Turn-On:
permits operation without remote lead
Dual mono speaker output connections:
accept up to 8ga. wire
+12V and Ground connections:
accept up to 4ga. Wire

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